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Crafting friendly longterm Lineage2 server

  • High-Five (CT 2.6)
  • Auto in-game Account creation
  • Class Changer in Giran and directly as popup upon lvl-up
  • Service Manager in Giran for dyes augument etc
  • Achivement Manager in Giran provides extra rewards
  • Auto learn skills
  • Auto loot items
  • Quest reward x14 exp/sp, 5x Adena
  • Offline trade enabled (open the store / craft and just exit the game)
  • AutoFarm feature for premium
  • RaidBoss drops 2x including RaidBoss jewelry
  • Shift-click Monsters for stats and drops/spoils info
  • Lost legacy Dragon Valley Cave monsters are now on the hills at Hardin's Academy
  • Ranking in the in-game Community-Board
  • RaidBoss info in the in-game Community-Board
  • Donations (PayPal) in the in-game Community-Board
  • Donations offer various services, but no pay-to-win items
  • Voting earns Vote-Coins and a 30% EXP-rune 1h
  • Vote-Coins can be used for exchanging 60% recipes into 100% recipes
  • Many Classes got additional skills for balancing purposes
  • All monsters drop Soulores for easier SoulShot crafting
  • Recipes are easier accessible through custom drops and spoils
  • Many monsters now drop greater healing and mana potions, check our custom drops page
  • Champion Mobs occasionally appear and provide extra drops and exp
  • All-in-One item with GateKeeper, warehouse, clan-warehouse, dye-maker etc
  • Raised max patk critrate from 50% to 65%
  • Raised max matk critrate from 20% to 25%
  • Increated weightlimit and slots for all characters
  • Extra increated weightlimit and slots for dwarves
  • Buff duration: 1hour, dances and songs 30minutes
  • Max buff amount +1, max dance/song amount +1
  • Cancel of buffs via shift-click
  • Selfbuffs like Warcry last 15 mins instead of 1
  • Masterwork like in retail
  • Party exp range +25%
  • NO third party bots allowed

Lost Dragon Valley Cave now at Hardins Academy

The Class changes we made:

More may follow in the future...

  • Maestro: Focus Mind Boost Mana Fast Mana Recovery Spoil Spoil Festival Spoil Crush Spoil Bomb Lucky Strike
  • Bounty Hunter: Focus Mind Fast Mana Recovery Create Item Dagger Mastery Deadly Blow
  • Sword Singer: Two-Handed Sword Mastery Final Frenzy Crush of Doom
  • Blade Dancer: War Cry Boost Attack Speed Tripple Slash
  • Warcryer: First Weapon Mastery Burning Fist

All in One Item

Access the Gatekeeper, your Warehouse, Tattoo maker,
subclass changer etc from anywhere you like.

Voting and Rewards

Voting reward coins can be used to trade 60% Recipes against 100% recipes, so dont forget to vote! If necessary we will add more adaptions for your seamless gaming experience.

You can find the NPC in the center of Giran to exchange voting Coins (Beleth's Medal Coin) and 60% recipes, against 100% recipes.

  • A-Grade Armors 60% -> 100% recipes
  • A-Grade Weapons 60% -> 100% recipes
  • S-Grade Armors 60% -> 100% recipes
  • S-Grade Weapons 60% -> 100% recipes
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